What is a sailing yacht?

A sailing yacht is characterized by its size and sailing under sail

Sailing boats with a bow length between 12 and 20 meters are considered sailing yachts. A mega yacht may have a longer bow. It is used for private and sporting purposes, unlike the mega yacht. It is equipped with at least one cabin and sleeping cabins. Due to its size, the sailing yacht basically has an engine. This can be one or more outboards as well as inboards. On classic sailing yachts, the engine is only used in calm conditions as well as in the harbor and during mooring maneuvers. Among the sailing yachts you will find the special form of motor sailers. While the sailing yacht is equipped with a sporty flat superstructure, the motor sailer has a higher cabin superstructure and a larger space. Motor sailers are equipped with powerful inboards and elaborate propulsion technology such as bow thrusters.

What does it cost to rent a sailing yacht?

The prices for the yacht charter of a sailing yacht depend on the size and equipment as well as other criteria

In addition to the size and equipment, the sailing area and seasonal period of the charter influence the price. If you want to rent a yacht in the high season, the yacht charter can be more than twice as expensive as in the low season. Luxury yachts like a mega yacht over 40 meters long can only be chartered with skipper and crew. Prices range from 40,000 to over 200,000 euros for a short vacation of one week. For long-term rentals, many charter companies offer discounts.

A smaller sailing yacht with a length of about 15 meters costs between 1,000 and 2,000 euros for a short vacation at the weekend. For longer trips, rental prices range from 1,500 to 4,000 euros per week depending on the season and charter area.

Which license do I need for a sailing yacht charter?

The necessity of a sailing license and sport boat license depends on the motorization and sailing area

For sailboats without an engine, with an electric motor or an internal combustion engine up to 15 hp, a boat license is not required on inland waters in Germany. The owners of some sailing areas nevertheless require a sailing license on inland lakes. On Lake Constance and some lakes in Berlin, a sailing license is also required, and on Lake Constance, the Lake Constance skipper’s license D is additionally required for sail areas of 12 square meters or more. Most charter companies also require a sailing license for rental.

As soon as sailboats are equipped with an engine over 15 hp, the Sport boat license inland is required on inland waters and the Sport boat license sea on coastal waters. Charter companies expect in the coastal area usually additionally the Sport coastal boat license and a radio certificate. If you are looking for a sailboat for a turn in other countries, additional coastal patents may be required. For more information, visit boats-book.com for booking.