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What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a motor or sail boat with two hulls

Catamarans can be found among motorboats and sailboats, as well as large-capacity motor or sailing yachts. They are widely used among sailing yachts. Due to its construction, a catamaran is not a racing yacht. Especially if you are looking for luxury yachts with comfortable space and sporty sailing characteristics, catamarans are an interesting alternative. Sleeping berths and storage areas are located in the hulls. The wide superstructure forms a spacious cabin or large saloon above the waterline depending on the size of the catamaran.

What does it cost to rent a catamaran?

Rental prices depend greatly on the size and seasonal period

Due to the elaborate construction of a catamaran, rental prices are usually higher than if you were to rent a conventional yacht. For a catamaran of about 15 meters, rental prices per week range from 3,500 to 25,000 euros, depending on the area and seasonal period. Of course, you can also buy a catamaran.

What license do I need for a catamaran charter?

Generally, the same legal requirements apply to catamarans as to sailboats and sport boats

If you want to book a catamaran on a yacht charter, the lessors and insurers cover themselves with special requirements. Therefore, in most cases you will need the catamaran basic license for the charter. With this voluntary boat license you prove your qualification to drive a catamaran.


Your catamaran in Ibiza & Formentera?

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We offer you a 70 square meter house, floating in the best scenario ever.

Four cabins with double bed
Two bathrooms with fully enclosed hot water shower
Two common areas to relax
A fully equipped kitchen

Our catamaran Geronimo offers relaxing and comfortable facilities to spend your unique vacation in Ibiza.

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